Homemade with Love + blackwork

Hey! Eep! I have a pattern + project in the latest issue of Homemade with Love. It’s a Dala horse. Because you know I love those. Combine it with bright pink fabric and you know it was a happy commission to work on indeed! ;-)

This is my first go at blackwork. Over on the &Stitches blog we’ve trying out blackwork this month, but with a bit of a twist: we can’t use black floss. I thought I wouldn’t like doing the blackwork patterns, but I’ve really enjoyed it. I think I’ll definitely do more of it. Do come over and stitch along with us if you fancy. :-)

If you fancy taking part in a stitchalong (yes, another one!) – check back here on Monday. We’ll have some Stitched Blooms fun and there will be prizes! Excitement! :-)


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