London discovering…

Yesterday I went to London to meet with Julie and what a gorgeous day it was! A bit cold but I was wearing my thick winter coat so I felt nice and snug. The sun was out and there were still colourful leaves on the trees. So beautiful.

I met Julie at Fenchurch Street Station (am I the only one who thinks of A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy when you hear that name?) and we had a wander past the Gherkin:

Then through Leadenhall Market – which I had never visited before, but it’s so beautiful.

And there are dragons!

Pretty. And a Christmas tree as well. With the largest glass baubles we’d ever seen.

My favourite part, though, was the ceiling. Beautiful.

Interesting decoration on a shop.

We carried on to St Dunstan in the East. It’s a tiny space in between office buildings with the ruins of an old church. I think there are a lot of this sort of places dotted around London. That you don’t know is there unless you stumble upon them or someone tells you about the. Someone had posted a photo of it on Instagram (can’t remember who it was, sadly) and I just had to go there!

If you’re ever near Monument or Fenchurch Street, you should definitely go check it out.

It is a real hidden gem that it’s worth looking for. I plan on coming back in the spring or summer to do some drawing here.. :-)


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