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In October I went to London and I discovered an interesting bit of architecture in a passage I’ve been through several times before…

In October a box arrived full of Stitched Blooms copies! :-)

In October there was a day where the living room was really tidy. I can’t remember why. But it’s nice to know that it *can* be tidy. ;-)

In October I went to the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra palace with Laura from Bugs & Fishes.

In October I tried dying my hair pink. It didn’t take to my hair very well. Barely noticeable at all. I doubt I can be bothered with bleaching it first and stuff.

In October we started the Christmas Stitchalong. That was so much fun! I loved seeing what everyone was sharing. Thank you! :-)

In October I went for a walk on a beautiful sunny day. Perfect greens and blues and just a bit of leaves having turned to their autumn colours.

In October I saw some over-sized knitting in Regent Street.

In October I noticed another interesting building in a street I have been loads of times before. I guess it’s a lesson to look up sometime! ;-)

In October I finished some little Innocent hats.

In October I embroidered this year’s snowflake patterns. In non-Christmasy colours. Which I quite like.

In October I had fun with some paints and turned a ghoulish skull into a merry sugar skull. :-)


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