Unhappy studio floor

My poor studio. Remember I mentioned that the storm just before Christmas had forced water under the floor in my studio? This is what it looks like. It’s not quite so bad now, since we’ve had a few dry days. But for about about two weeks from Christmas we’ve had rain almost non stop and the floor has just been sloshy wet. :-(

We had noticed that there were some darkish sections of the floor but couldn’t figure out why. It is obvious now that it’s due to being wet from below. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like our insurance covers it and although we might have some recourse against the seller – we just don’t have the funds to get lawyers involved and stuff. Total bummer.

So it looks like in the sommer the floor will have to come up and hopefully we can do something about it so it won’t happen in future. Not looking forward to having to empty the studio. So for now I’m not going to do any decorating in there. Just in case the studio will need a major overhaul in a few months!

In that same storm the fence between us and one of the neighbours also broke (partially) and of course it’s the side that we’re responsible for. Sod’s law! Atleast most of the fence is still standing so we can get away with not fixing it for a while. But still. Jeez, who knew owning a house could be such a hassle. ;-)


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