Love Grows Here – my latest embroidery pattern

Freshly picked from the hoop! :-) I’m not entirely sure where the title came ‘Love Grows Here‘ from but as I was working on the sketch for it, that just popped into my head. I did think about changing it, but it seems to fit it…

Love Grows Here is inspired by a drawing in a Medieval manuscript. Inspiration can come from anywhere! This is the final sketch for the pattern. It went through a few stages. Mostly to get the placement of leaves and flowers right. And as you can see I decided to swap the position of two of the flowers.

I really like doing the sketches by hand, with pen on paper. It has more personality than just drawing it on the computer. I sometimes find it difficult to keep the hand drawn feel intact once I draw the pattern from the sketch..

One thing I really love when making my patterns, is doing the coloured version to help people select colours. At first it’s just the regular thickness of the lines, but to make the colours stand out more, I always make the lines extra-extra bold. And you know what? That moment when the lines change to bold is just such a thrill. The colours just pop and I looooove that! :-)

There are loads of extra elements included in this pattern – there’s even an alternate version of the pattern! I love picking out elements of each pattern to make smaller coordinating motifs etc. Because then you have loads of ways to use the pattern – and the elements! It’s a bit like a fabric collection with coordinating prints..

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