Playing with layers and colour

I couple of weeks ago I fancied doing something a bit different from my normal mostly-outlines stitching. And this is what I made!

It’s absolutely freeform, no plan whatsoever. I have put some bits and pieces, ribbon, fabric scraps, lace and beads in a bag and then I pull out things and see what speaks to me.

It is *so* much fun! I have already made a few of these and I don’t plan on stopping. I love the process of selecting different bits. And cutting shapes from the fabric scraps. In this one I even included an earring I don’t wear anymore. Anything goes and I love that.

What I love the most, though, is the appliqué and the handstitching in general. I love stitching, the rhythm of the needle and thread through the fabric. It just never gets old. :-)

And I definitely need some more of that glitter ribbon because I’m just crazy about how that looks. And it adds a really great texture, it’s slightly coarse, which is an interesting contrast with the smoothness of fabric.


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