Flutterby Garden – new embroidery pattern in my shop

Hi! If you like butterflies I think you’ll like my new pattern. Because it has butterflies in it. It is called Flutterby Garden.

I heard somewhere that butterflies used to be called flutterbies (‘coz that kinda describes them better, right?!), and that Shakespeare made up the butterfly word.

But that’s all internet made-y up! They’ve been called butterflies since atleast year 700.. Instead, flutterby is a spoonerism of butterfly. Which is fine with me, because I’m a big fan of spoonerizing words. ;-) In fact, my brain likes testing what happens when you spoonerize various words and phrases.

I must admit that I am kinda hesitant when it comes to including animals in my patterns. I feel much safer drawing flowers and leaves. I hope you like my wee flutterbies.

Anyway. The new pattern has no less than two alternate versions of the pattern (plus a few extra small motifs) so you kinda get 3 patterns in one.

Buy Flutterby Garden here.


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