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Have you heard about the new Mollie Makes: Embroidery? I have a project in it, yay! A couple of weeks ago I received my contributor copy and I gotta say, this book is pretty great. That’s my honest opinion, not just something I feel like I have to say, m’kay!

Let’s just do the full disclosure thing: I was paid to do a project for the book, they sent me a copy and links below are Amazon affiliate links, but you know I’ll only tell you my honest opinion. Ok, with that out of the way…

This is the project I made: a wee wall hanging with Russian dolls. And mini pom poms. And one of my favourite fabrics of all time (Liberty Lifestyle Bloomsbury – Dorothy). Oh and a scallop edge!

It was really fun project to work on because I was asked to use as many embroidery stitches as possible and that was a bit of a challenge. But fun! And I think I used 10 or 12 stitches, so basically these girls are like a mini stitch sampler.

There are 15 projects in the book, using different types of embroidery: cross stitch, ribbon, machine etc etc. I quite like these two:

Crewelwork clutch bag by Karin Holmberg. Hoop pictures by Laura Trimmell

I quite like the styling of the photos too, it complements the project very nicely. And there’s a nice texture to them, if that makes sense…

At the back of the book there is a section which introduces you to the different techniques. It has a very thorough description of how to do the embroidery stitches, with lots of illustrations.

And I just want to say how refreshing it is to see an embroidery book where all the technique stuff isn’t put at the front. You want to see the pretty projects and be inspired to make stuff, and THEN you look up the tools/techniques you don’t already know. Dear book publishers, more of that please! :-)

My project came back to me a little while ago and now it’s hanging out in the studio. I really like having it back. I don’t know if it’s the embroidery or the fabric but it just makes me so happy to look at. :-)

Mollie Makes: Embroidery is published by Pavilion Books and can be found in all the usual book buying places.

Wait, there’s more! On Monday I’ll have a give away where you can enter to win a copy of this lovely book, so do come back then!  :-)


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