Finished Objects :: Quilts for my niece and nephew

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here before, but in about a month I will be an auntie! Or moster, the Danish word for mother’s sister. Because my little sister is having twins! No half measures there! ;-)

And they’re having a boy and a girl. Instant nuclear family, eh?

Of course, my first moster-ly duty was to make them quilts.

I am not a fan of pink/blue gender stereotypes, so I made the quilts using orange, green and yellow. The overall design is the same for each one, but the placement of the hexagons is not precise. And that’s on purpose. Twins are not the exact same person after all.

I used a couple of my own designs for each quilt and the rest is mostly Denyse Schmidt and Leah Duncan. With a few other ones thrown in.

The quilt top design with hexagons was inspired by the fabric I wanted to use for the back. This is made from a quilt cover I saved after my grandfather passed away a few years ago. Isn’t it delightfully 70s (or 80s)-ish?

But the best thing is that it has been washed a gazillion times so it is super soft. Perfect for little ones. Although, the quilts are maybe a tad big for them for now. But I wanted them to be large enough to use for several years. And they are large enough that they will work nicely as lap quilts when the kids are older.

I love this cheater quilt design. And the colours. Love, love, love. And it’s nice to thingk that the little people will have something from their great grandparents.

Of course I tied the quilt, you know I love that. It also has an added benefit of being easy to repair in case one or two gets loose at some point. My sister can just tie a new knot instead of repairing some quilting.

I actually made the quilts in Denmark because I needed some particular fabrics for them. I had all the hexagons cut out beforehand, as well as the backs and the batting. And the tops were fairly easy to put together, with a little help from my mum, using fusible web.

My mum’s sewing machine has a bunch of fancy stitches so I used one of those to stitch around the hexagons. The stitch is sort of hexagon-y too. Nice.

I am really happy with how these quilts turned out! But in hindsight, maybe that much white isn’t the best idea for a kid’s quilt? ;-)

I guess any stains will just be part of the story of the quilt…

Sadly, I will not be handing these to my sister in person, my parents will bring them to the US. But I did show them to my sister via Skype, so they have been ‘revealed’. I think she likes them. :-)


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