Finished Object :: Moroccan Tile Quilt

When we were in Denmark, I finished the Moroccan Tile Quilt! I hadn’t planned on taking it to Denmark, but then I had showed the quilt top to my parents via Skype and they both liked it. So (dagnammit!) I just had to give it to them as an anniversary present for their 40th wedding anniversary. I guess I’ll just have to make one for myself at some point.

I had questions for my mum about the quilting capabilities of her sewing machine but obviously I couldn’t ask her, because it was a surprise that we were in Denmark at that point! But I managed with a bit of help from one of my IG friends (thank you, Sarah!) and I finished the quilt the evening before we picked them up at the airport. Nothing like last minute sewing, eh? :-)

The fabric on the back is Ludovika from IKEA. So pretty. I think it goes really well with the quilt top. It’s a contrast, but not too crazy.

The border is this fabric I bought in Denmark with teeny tiny flowers. I may have bought some extra for me. Because pretty. :-)

I didn’t stick completely to the pattern I used: the Moroccan Tile Quilt from Fabulously Fast Quilts* by Amy Smart. And the main part of the quilt is a bit smaller than the pattern because I somehow made an error with some of the seam allowances. But hey-ho.

I am really happy with the quilt. It is the first in two ways: the first proper large quilt I have made. And it is the first quilt pattern I have followed. Much has been learned in the process!


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