WIP :: Quilt in Happy Colours

I don’t think I shared this quilt that I’m working on. Except for maybe a photo via Instagram. It’s so easy to share things on Instagram, sometimes I forget to blog those little snaps of things I’m working on. You know, like in the olden days before it was all about Instagram. :-)

So anyway, it’s a quilt. Using my own pattern. Which isn’t just made up of squares. Oh boy. I have to admit that it has been a bit of a brain teaser, but I figured it out in the end. If anyone is interested.. I was thinking I might make it into a quilt pattern. Only, I’ve never made a proper quilty quilt pattern for other people to use, so I’m a bit nervous that it might not make sense to anyone else.

I have pretty much finished the quilt top, so now I can finally see how the design will work in real life and not just in my head. I’ve not made a lot of quilts but I find that usually there is a period where it feels like a quilt is going to turn out to be a horrible mess. And then, I get through that phase and then I’m loving the quilt. Does that happen with your quilts as well?

That has definitely been the case with this quilt. I really was doubting the idea for a while, but now that it has come together, it’s all good. Now I just need to figure out how I want to quilt it. And I guess it will need a name too… Quilting is all about Big Decisions, right? :-D


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