Peonies and hexagons experiment

This is an experiment I’ve been working on this past weekend. Just something for fun. Although… I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for ages. Like, I think about it pretty much every day. About time I did something about it. I have done similar things before and they always make me so very happy. I’ve called it textile poems before but this one I’ve been tagging with #stitchimprov on Instagram.

Because that’s what it feels like. Taking pretty random things and putting them together and then stitching something (also random) on top. I really enjoy working like this. It’s so free and spontaneous. And I like thinking about how each of the elements go together and tell a story. A story I don’t know until it is unfolding on the fabric.

I have never really used stem stitch but I’ve started using it for this kind of thing. If done with the right amount of carelessness, it resembles drawing more than back stitch does. And that’s what I’d like to do. Draw on fabric (collages) with thread.

I want to do more of these. Lots more. I love how I can lose myself in the simple act of stitching and making it up as I go along…


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