Merry merry to you!

Christmas 2015
Belated merry Christmas! I hope you’ve had a a lovely time with family and friends. We had a quiet Christmas Eve at home, with Tony’s parents coming here for dinner. That is pretty much our tradition now. And then at Tony’s sister on Christmas day.

I set the table very simply with a red tablecloth and a sparkly runner I found in Tesco. The candle holders are from Denmark and the other stars I made myself. Simple and pretty. I’m not a fan of big table decorations. Where do you put the food? :-)

Christmas 2015
A few of my Christmas presents. Well, pretty much all of them. The older I get, the fewer presents there are for me under the tree. ;-)

Besides, how much stuff do you really need? I’m very happy with the pretties I received.

Christmas 2015
Our mantelpiece. I love my little collection of porcelain trees. With a few polar bears as well.

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015
I made a flurry of paper snowflakes, sewed them together and hung from a branch in the conservatory. I didn’t want to put up a lot of decorations in the conservatory – it feels busy enough with my desk and sewing stuff, as well as Tony’s bike.

Christmas 2015
And if you can’t be bothered to make the snowflakes yourself, just find a bunch of paper doilies and sew together.

Christmas 2015
My mum gave me these felt nisser some time ago. My (paternal) grandmother made them and I remember them being on the wall in their home. I like having them on our wall. Even if Tony thinks they are kinda creepy! :-D

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