Christmas Quilt Top

This quilt was supposed to be done by Christmas this year, but that didn’t happen. The top was, though. And it only took me a couple of weeks to make it. So I’m calling it a win anyway. Quilt tops can sometimes take months for me to finish.

It was my plan to use only Christmas fabric from my stash, but the Christmas stash isn’t very big, so I did buy a handful of fat quarters to make up the yardage I needed.

The Christmas fabric I already had was mostly from Denmark, so there are a few nisse prints and some linen-y colours. I was a bit worried that they wouldn’t play well with the more contemporary prints I added. But I quite like the contrast. And the scrappiness. The quilts I love the most are kinda random and scrappy. So all is well.

And Blake seems to approve too. ;-)

I tried really hard to keep the directional prints right side up, but here’s a humble block. Almost right in the middle. I am happy that it happened because it shows that the quilt is made by a human. Maybe I was distracted by Blake barking at something or I was thinking about what to have for dinner.

Humble blocks make me smile. :-)

One of my favourite prints, little nisser from Denmark. :-)

I love the stained glass feel of looking through the quilt top against the light…


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