New Pattern :: Sakura Blossom

Happy Tuesday!

I’m very excited because my new pattern, Sakura Blossom, is ready! It is actually two patterns in one, so plenty of stitching to keep you busy. The pattern includes both an embroidery pattern and an appliqué pattern.

The pattern is called Sakura Blossom because it is inspired by the Japanese festivities around this time of year, celebrating the blossoming of the cherry (sakura) blossom. I would so love to go see that one day. Clouds of beautiful pink blossoms above your head. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

For now I’ll make do with the stitched kind. And the one in our front garden! I think I did mention that it definitely didn’t detract from the house when we saw it for the first time and the tree was all a-blossom. :-)

I wish I could say that I had planned on making this pattern for this very time of year. But the truth is that the pattern was originally made for the &Stitches zine a few years ago and I came across my original embroidery a little while ago and I just felt like it needed to be an appliqué pattern too.

And then I realised that it would be perfect for Mother’s Day, so I’ve included some text that can be used with the pattern too. World’s Best Mom, for example!

You can get your hands on the Sakura Blossom 2-for-1 pattern in my Payhip shop.

Happy spring time stitching!


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