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I can finally share these mini quilts which I made for my niece and nephew because they have arrived at their destination.

For such small quilts, about 20″ square, they took quite a while to make. Just look at ’em, all those little 1″ squares and hsts. They took ages to cut and even longer to make the hsts. Amazingly, I didn’t really make any mistakes. There was a little bit of unpicking hsts, but that’s because I hadn’t cut enough squares, go figure.

And it was quite the puzzle to keep track of which hsts pairs went where, but I got there in the end.

Yeah, whenever I try to take pictures of quilts, you can be sure Blake wants to get in on the action. Always the centre of attention:-)

Oh, maybe I should explain why I made mini quilts with the map of Texas. My sister lives in the US, in California. But for a few years she and my brother-in-law lived in Texas. And that’s where the twins were born. The centre of the pattern in the quilts is roughly the location of where they lived, just north of San Antonio.

I didn’t want the quilts to be all pink for my niece and blue for my nephew. It didn’t quite go to plan, there’s more pink/blue in the quilts than I had planned on, but I wanted to work with what I had in my stash.

I used mostly yellow and orange with a light pink for the ‘body’ of the map and brighter pinks too. The background is a bit of vintage fabric in white with pale pink flowers.

Yes, Blake, we get it. You’re cute. Whatever. ;-)

Here it’s a bit easier to see the base fabric. Isn’t it pretty? It came from my dad’s aunt, so my great-aunt. The binding fabric I’ve had in my stash for about ten years. It finally found its perfect purpose I think.

On the back I used a bit of the same fabric with a pretty pillow case I chopped down to size. I love how the back shows a ‘ghost’ version of the map in the quilting. I love texture like this. :-)

I added corners on the back for hanging the quilts.

This is a bit more blue than I wanted. But I like it. It’s funny, I made this one first and as I worked on the other one, I thought, ‘the blue one is my favourite’. And later the orange one was my favourite. Turns out, they’re different but I like them equally.

The back of the blue quilt is vintage bedding. That too has been waiting for it’s perfect use. The binding fabric is a bit of cloud fabric I had leftover from the Cloud quilt.


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