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Have you heard about the photo app called A Color Story? It’s great fun! It has loads of tools and filters (some you have to pay for) and effects. Plus you can save the editing steps which is super handy if you have more than one photo that needs the same treatment.

Anyway, I started playing around with some of my Barbican photos in the app, and basically just went a bit crazy! In a good way. :-D

At first I just adjusted colours a little bit, but then it occurred to me that going completely unrealistic with those Barbican buildings would be fun. And I think it suits them! To be honest, I have kinda mixed feelings about unrealistic photos – photos are a representation of the actual world, right? But then I told myself to get over it and just play with the app and see what would happen.

So I did. And I like it. Which is a reminder to myself to try something different, maybe a little uncomfortable, from time to time. What’s the worst that can happen, right? :-D

I think this is my favourite. :-)

POW! Orange!

I quite like this one as well. I like the green in the middle…


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