Friday Links :: Glitter, sea glass and medieval embroidery

This week’s links are brought to you by Blake sleeping while I stitch. It’s how we roll.

Diggin’ these landscape paintings by Scottish artist Scott Naismith.

Fascinating video about the Moon Terminator Illusion. {via} More perception videos from VSauce on YouTube.

That’s a pretty sofa. :-)

Edible sea glass candy.

Useful Gmail keyboard shortcuts.

Big brand Zara has been swiping designs from indie designers and don’t really care, basically because the indie designers are not famous enough. Don’t support Zara when they screw the little guy (or gal as in the most recent case), m’kay?

Fellow embroidery fans, have you seen that the V&A will have an exhibition about English Medieval embroidery from October? Definitely going to see that!


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