New Pattern :: Bird Song

In March 2014, this pattern, Bird Song, was in Australian Homespun magazine. It was my intention to put it in my shop as well, but that just never happened. I found the embroidery yesterday when I was going through some of my old embroideries and decided that I really should do something about that!

So here it is! Bird Song. A ‘sheet’ of music with little birds and a large bird soaring off the music. In the original idea, the little birds were the notes, but it didn’t quite work, so instead they are hiding in between.

At first, I didn’t like doing all that satin stitch in black, but eventually I did find a rhythm and it was almost meditative. Thinking back on it, I remember that I was working on this while we were in the middle of moving from our old flat to ourhouse. We stayed with Tony’s parents for a couple of weeks. It was very hot, right in the middle of summer in 2013. I remember getting up very early to sit outside with my embroidery while it was still cool. Surrounded by the pretty flowers in my inlaws’ garden and listening to the birds singing, very appropriately!

As I’m writing this, the conditions are much different: grey, dark skies with freezing rain. They say we’ll get snow later – I’ll believe it when I see it! Nice to have something warmer to think about.

Bird Song is in my Payhip shop. :-)


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