WIP :: Australia Quilt

Remember the Texas quilts I made for my niece and nephew?

As soon as I finished them, I knew I wanted to make another one. For no particular reason, I decided to do Australia. It has an interesting, and recognizable, shape so it’s a good one to simplify in this way.

I wanted to only use fabrics from my stash, that was the original plan. But then I decided that this project would be perfect for the beautiful Blueberry Park fabrics I’ve been hoarding saving for a special project. And I didn’t quite have enough of the background colour, so I had to order a bit extra. Still, it’s mostly from my stash, so mission accomplished, I think. :-)

The centre of the design is Uluru (Ayer’s Rock). Because these quilts have a centre that the design radiates from, it didn’t make sense to use Sydney as the centre. It’s on the coast, so the whole design would be lop sided.

And I quite like the idea that the centre is a place that was important way before Europeans arrived in Australia.

I’m pondering how to quilt this. Maybe I’ll just do straight lines, longitudes and latitudes…

Allow me to get a bit quilt-geeky for a moment. Just look how neatly those points meet in the centre. That’s far from always the case for me! ;-)


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