California :: Part Two

Silverado Trail - February 13
Come with me back to California – I can barely believe that it was over three months ago!

On the fourth day of the visit, we drove up the Silverado Trail to Calistoga. It was a beautiful drive, with all the vineyards and the rapeseed flowers.

Old Faithful Geyser Calistoga - February 13
We went to Calistoga to see the Old Faithful Geyser. I’d never seen a geyser before so that was pretty cool. Because it had been a wet winter, the geyser was more active than usual, so we got to see it a few times.

Old Faithful Geyser - Calistoga - February 13.
My photo does not do it justice at all!

At Old Faithful Geyser Calistoga - February 13There were animals at the geyser. The kids were very interested in this guy. They had llamas too.

Silverado Trail - February 13
Driving back from Calistoga. I wouldn’t mind living in that house up there on the hill on the right. ;-)

Hanging at the playground. Napa - February 13
Having fun at the playground in Napa.

On the way to Sonoma - February 14
Day five. on the way to Sonoma. This photo isn’t really that interesting, but it’s the only photo I have of this yellow tree/bush – any idea what it’s called? My sister didn’t know, she only knows about birds. ;-)

Sonoma Mission - February 14
Sonoma Mission.

Sonoma Mission - February 14
I loved the simplicity of this building. Very beautiful. It felt very peaceful.

Sonoma Mission - February 14

Sonoma Mission - February 14
The chapel in the Mission. My sister and the kiddos. :-)

Sonoma Mission - February 14

Sweet Scoops Ice Cream, Sonoma - February 14
After exploring Sonoma, we had ice cream at Sweet Scoops. They even had a couple of vegan flavours. The one I had was delicious, I think it was a chocolate and mint. Yum. :-)

Sonoma - February 14
Random building in the main square in Sonoma.

Downtown Napa - February 14
Downtown Napa.

In my sister's garden - February 14
Just an old truck in my sister’s garden. :-)

Napa post office Trancas Street - February 15
Day six. My sister and I did some errands. I liked these post boxes at the post office (Trancas Street).

Random Napa building downtown - February 15
Random building downtown in Napa.

Random Napa house - February 15
This photo and the two below: random houses in Napa. I mainly took a picture of this one because of the peace sign with fairy lights. :-)

Random Napa house - February 15

Random Napa house - February 15

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