Stitch Tutorial :: Brick Stitch

I don’t use brick stitch a lot, but it’s a very nice stitch to have in your ‘repertoire’. It is a great fill stitch and I really like how it feels raised. Very tactile.

It is not a difficult stitch and you can get some nice effects with it. Colourful borders or fills and shaded effects.

Start by making a row of stitches, alternating between long and short. The short stitches should be half the length of the long stitches.

In the following rows, only make long stitches. Because the starting row was long and short, it will make the other rows alternate automatically. See how the stitching starts to look kinda like a brick wall? That’s where the name comes from.

To finish the filled area, the very last row will also be long and short stitches, to finish it all nice and neat.

You can use just one colour for this stitch or you can use different colours as I have done in this example.


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