Friday Links :: Hummus, Role Models, Cuckoo Clocks

I bought these succulents in Aldi a few weeks ago. I’m amazed that they’re still alive, I don’t have the best record with keeping plants alive. Although the cactus on the right is doing pretty well, it’s about four times the size it was when we got it. :-)

I’d love to have more plants in the house but I’m afraid that might be cruel to the poor things. How are you with keeping plants alive?

I discovered the Role Models podcast via Swiss Miss. She is also interviewed on the podcast. Tina is such an inspiration. I highly recommend giving it a listen.

How to Make Hummus From Scratch. I have tried making my own hummus but it never comes out quite right. Maybe this recipe will do the trick!

I recently came across the work of Colee Wilkinson and it is delightful. I can only recommend that you go follow her on Instagram.

Contemporary Takes on Cuckoo Clocks Resemble Brutalist Block Buildings.

An important issue not just for embroidery designers: What’s the big deal about copyright? and Copyright on designs, what it is and how it works. {via @KreinikGirl}

Ditching dairy for World Milk Day. “Calves are often torn from the warm and loving side of their mothers within just 24 hours of their birth. Male calves may be killed before being given a chance to live, all because they are of no value to the industry. Female calves will likely face the same bleak future as their mother.” :-(

That Time We Found Out Embroidery Hoop Art Could Be Cool. Check out Stacey Jones’ Instagram feed.

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