Delectable Mountain Quilt Top

This was an interesting quilt top to make. Making each block is quite time consuming, but it was worth the effort I think. :-)

We need a second quilt/coverlet for our sofa. It is light grey and it is starting to look a little worse for wear because Blake climbs all over it with his grubby paws. ;-) So I figured I’d make coverlet to go over one armrest to hide the grubbiness.

The inspiration for the top came from Wise Craft Quilts by Blair Stocker. I’ve followed Blair’s blog for years and years and I am really glad I got the book because I absolutely love it! :-) Hop down to the bottom of this post to see a few pages from the book.

This is one of my favourite blocks in the top. I love those roses combined with the ditsy blue fabric. The blue fabric is actually from Aldi! I know!

I bought a few fat quarter packs there a couple of months ago. They had some nice prints, although the quality isn’t quite as fine as regular quilting fabric. But it is perfectly good for quilt backs or cushions or bags. Worth keeping an eye out for.

Do you see what happened here? I didn’t mean to put two of the same fabric together like this, but I only realised this had happened AFTER I had sewn it all together and, frankly, life is too short to pick it all apart.

I like a folded quilt. Unexpected colour and print combinations….

Wise Craft Quilts. On the cover, the book handily has a picture of the quilt I was inspired by. It is made of old jeans. Nice way to reuse jeans that you just can’t wear in polite society. ;-)

The whole book is very much about reusing textiles from your life. Jeans, table cloths, handkerchiefs, wedding gown, shirts etc.

I really like this ‘Star’ quilt made of re-purposed shirts. I have a big stack of Tony’s old work shirts and this is inspiring me to get on with it and make another shirt quilt. I made one in 2010 (how is that EIGHT years ago?!)

And I am very intrigued by cyanotype/sun prints, so I am very inspired by that quilt on the right…


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