Low Key December

Apple crumble
Last Friday, Tony was supposed to be going to the Christmas meal with work. I was supposed to have my own Christmas meal, i.e. having my dinner sat on the sofa, watching The Holiday. :-D

But, best laid plans etc, instead Tony was at home, with a bad cold, so we had our dinner together at the dining table like grown ups (I did watch The Holiday later, though!). And in the afternoon we had this lovely cinnamon-y apple crumble. These heart shaped Le Creuset ramekins are just the right portion size!

Blake asleep
Of course, Tony passed his cold on to me, so my view has been more or less like this since Sunday.

Atleast I have the Christmas quilt to snuggle under, although I really don’t feel very Christmas-y.

We have decorated for Christmas, but I’ve not managed any of the usual Christmas preparations, like baking Danish Christmas biscuits and making marzipan sweets or make another batch of æbleskiver.

It’s a good thing that I’d already decided that this year, Christmas would be a bit low key; there’s really no need for several types of Danish Christmas biscuits, especially since I usually end up having to eat most of them. :-)

I found some spekulatius biscuits in Aldi and they are close enough to the flavour of Danish brunkager that I’m ok with not baking those myself. I was going to bake jødekager this week, but staying under the quilt with Blake seems much more appealing. Who needs biscuits anyway? ;-)

Slow stitching
Atleast all this time spent on the sofa has been somewhat productive, I have finished this stitch improv/slow stitching textile piece. It has been a really nice distraction.

Tony claims it would be more relaxing to just sit and watch telly when you’re feeling under the weather, just switch off the brain etc. I don’t agree, I think doing some embroidery helps me relax more, because I focus on the embroidery and not on how I’m feeling. If that makes sense?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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