Happy Lucia Day

Overhead view of a white plate with blue decoration along the edge. The plate is filled with S shaped yellow buns.

Two or three years ago, I started a new tradition: on the 13th of December I make lussekatter (saffron Lucia buns). It is mainly a Swedish traditional bake, but I felt like I needed something to brighten up the middle of December.

And lussekatter definitely brighten things up, just look at that beautiful yellow colour! It is even more yellow in person. And they are delicious too. The saffron ads just a hint of spicy sweetness.

Danes mainly bake biscuits in December, and I don’t fancy biscuits for breakfast, but lussekatter work very well for breakfast! :-)

Partial view of a white plate with shaped yellow saffron buns.

Ohh, the golden yumminess!

If you want to make your own lussekatter, here is my recipe. Minus the raisins, because I didn’t have any.


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