Friday Links :: Vegan, Embroidery, Seasons

Skeins of embroidery thread in yellow, green and purple.

These links come together completely organically, it’s whatever I find interesting or inspiring in a given week. So it was unintentional that several of the links are related to veganism. But now that this has become apparent to me, I figured I might as well add some more. I don’t want to be one of those preachy vegans that people avoid in the street, but I do want to tell you this: being vegan is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. And I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything on my plate. More importantly, being vegan saves hundreds of innocent lives and that is the main thing for me. :-)

So, a few more vegan links to go with the ones below: take the pledge and go vegan this January, vegan starter kit and finally eating out at chain restaurants (in the UK). I can especially recommend the vegan pizza at ASK Italian and Zizzi (that’s my honest opinion!)

PS Happy new year! xx

Going Vegan Ultimate To-Do Checklist

Dirty Vegan on BBC iPlayer. A vegan show on the BBC! At the moment it’s only going out ‘live’ on BBC Wales, but the rest of us can catch up on it on the iPlayer. And I believe it will be shown on BBC2 later in the spring. For your random text generator needs when Lipsum just won’t do. ;-)

Nora & Nama is a new vegan bakery in London. {via Fat Gay Vegan}

2018 in Pictures. I like this idea of choosing one picture for each month to sum up the year.

Kadai Chole – Spiced Chickpeas and Potatoes. This sounds delicious!

Loose-talk democracy.

Hutsul flat stitch embroidery.

Four (or more) seasons. I really think there’s something to this idea of more than four seasons. Especially in parts of the planet where we do have proper seasons. Four seasons seems to neat, too easy.


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