Finished Project :: Bird Cushion Covers

Bird cushion covers

Now that this Christmas present is safely in my sister’s hands, I can finally share it. I bought this linen bird fabric a few years ago because I thought it’d be perfect for…something for my sister. I just took me a while to come up with the perfect something!

But with the triple drunkard’s path templates from Papper, Sax, Sten in hand I suddenly had the idea for *the* perfect project. A pair of cushion covers with the pairs framed by bold colours.

Bird cushion covers

I love the circles, they make a nice change from the squares, rectangles and triangles I normally use in patchwork. But the fussy cutting, to make as many whole birds fit in the segments, was kinda heart breaking. I had a half yard of the bird fabric and now I can barely fold it, it’s so full off odd quarter circle holes. I don’t like it! ;-)

Bird cushion covers

After I had sewn it all together, it occurred to me that I should put some of my sew-in labels to good use, so I stitched them to the edge on the back. It would have looked a bit more streamlined if I’d thought about it before sewing it all together, but what can you do?

Bird cushion covers

Hello, wee birdies!


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