Sketchbook Idea

Sketchbook collages

Do you use a sketchbook? Then you’re maybe familiar with the dread of all those blank pages when you open a new sketchbook..? To be honest, I don’t really dread the blank pages, I’m more excited about not knowing what will be on those pages. :-)

Sketchbook collages

But if you do open a new sketchbook and wonder “what the heck am I going to fill all those pages with?!” I have an idea for you: gather together some magazines and catalogues, pretty wrapping paper and washi tape and whatever else you have to hand.

Then open the sketchbook to random pages and start making collages. You don’t have to think about it too much, just grab a few pictures and move them around until you like what you see. Then glue it all in place.

What the collages look like isn’t that important. What is important is that you’re working in the sketchbook in a sort of haphazard way and that way the sketchbook gets ‘broken in’ and seems a lot less scary.

Another way to do this, is open those random pages and just fill them with single colours of watercolour (or use more than one colour if you like). The point is you’re doing something that isn’t supposed to ‘be’ anything, it just sort of puts you in charge of the sketchbook pages. If that makes sense? :-)

Sketchbook collages

You may even surprise yourself and start seeing subject ‘themes’ or colour combos appearing on the page that you didn’t even know you were thinking about. :-)


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