Curious about The Craft Book Process?

This past week I have been working on drawing the patterns for the new book on the computer and although I do need to focus on that, it’s also somewhat repetitive so my brain tends to wander off while my hands are drawing shapes and colouring in.

I started thinking about the books I’ve written and the book process and what I’ve enjoyed about it. And what I found challenging! Which lead me to think that I would write some blog posts about writing a craft book. It does like a somewhat nebulous process when you first start and since I’ve done it a few times now, I could share my experience and maybe make it a bit clearer for someone who is thinking about writing a craft book.

If you are interested in the craft book process, I would be grateful if you would answer this quick questionnaire. It really is quick, just tick some boxes and if you have any additional questions, there’s a box for that. :-)

As well as drawing patterns, I have also been picking colours that I want to use in the book. I tend to use the same colours a lot, like these bright ones in the pictures. They’re just ‘my‘ colours, I guess. Although I will add other colours too…the book isn’t just for me, after all. ;-)

Do you have any favourite colour combos?

PS Thank you so much for the comments on my previous post, I will respond to them soon, but I just need to sort of…take a step back from the whole thing. It is really emotionally draining. :-/ ♥


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