Friday Links :: Murals, Instagram, Quilling

Hello, happy Friday! In the next couple of weeks, Tony and I are going to start stripping our living room of wallpaper and the awful heavy “decorative” moulding that one of the previous owners had put up. It’s not exactly a large room so why anyone would put so much unnecessary stuff in there is beyond me. You can see it here, from the day we moved in. We can’t wait to get rid of it! :-)

Bold Paper Quilled Artworks. Wow!

Murals by Kobra in New York. We saw one of these in Brooklyn so it was cool to see a whole collection of them in that blog post.

Have we all been duped by Instagram?

Speaking of Instagram, in case you need a batch downloader from Instagram, here’s one: Batch Media Saver from Instagram™.

Vibrant Pulses of Color Expand Across Urban Walls in Murals.

Another pattern from the archives: Matryoshka Russian Doll.

Buy Matryoshka Doll Now

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