Daily Floral Folk Dots

The first few daily floral folk dots are taking shape. You can follow the project daily on my Instagram account, @carinacraftblog. And of course the project has its own hashtag: floralfolkdots.

If you want to make your own ‘collection’ of flowers or houses or pizza slices or whatever, you can download the free template on my Ko-fi page.

(If you support my work by buying me a cuppa, while you are over there, you will also get access to several patterns, and monthly subscribers will get access to updates about the colours and stitches I am using in this project.)

I am really excited to see these circles start to fill up. And it’s a bit daunting too, it’s the biggest single embroidery project I have made (or attempted anyway!) But I feel confident(ish) that I’ll make it! :-)

Please cheer me on over on Instagram! :-D x Carina


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