Friday Links: Star Trek, Romans, Vikings

Aren’t these poppies magnificent? Every year I look forward to seeing them flower in this particular spot. In previous years, I have picked seed pods and this year the lilac ones are just about to flower in our own garden. Very exciting! :-)

I hope you have a lovely weekend. xx Carina

A great list of tips for freelancers.

Japanese tech catalogues.

Beautiful work by artist Abigail Booth.

EU citizens made Britain their home – now they face a hostile environment. I am terrified at the thought of how I may be ‘received’ at the border next time I travel back to the UK. :-(

Emily Sutton sketchbooks.

Mesmerizing illustration gifs by Agatha Yu. {via}

My job is to be a historian. It’s not to make people feel good’ ~ David Olusoga

The Battle for Public Space in NYC.

Star Trek + Design.

The Empowering Impact Of Neneh Cherry.

Why the Romans are Part of Scottish History.


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