Friday Links: Pencils, Pasta, Pyramid

The view from Southend Pier. I have been to Southend-on-Sea many times but last Friday was the first time I braved my fears and went on the little train to the end of the pier. 1.33 miles or 2.1 kilometres. When you convert it to kilometres it sounds even further away!!

There’s not much to do at the end of the pier. There were a few huts with refreshments but that was about it. It was quite grey and windy so we only stayed until the next train going back to shore. I’m glad we went. It was nice to (sort of) conquer my fears (of being on open sea), but I couldn’t have walked out there and/or back. 2 kilometres of walking on planks where you can see the waves below! No thanks! :-D

I hope you have a nice weekend! xx Carina

The hidden portals to London’s underworld.

Easy Summer Pasta Salad with Grilled Vegetables. I make something similar to this when hot days are forecast. I fry chickpeas in oil and spices and once cool, I mix it with cooked pasta and finely chopped veggies like tomatoes and peppers. Nice and easy to grab a bowl of this mix from the fridge. Or use the chickpeas and veggies on their own in a wrap or pitta. :-)

Check out the colourful work by stosskopf_florent on Instagram.

Bearing Witness.

Appropriate and inappropriate ways to interact with someone who is in a wheelchair.

How I Became a Full-time Artist — and why I quit.

Check out Mr Rafieh’s Pencil Shop, Tehran.

Fashion Illustrations of Constance Wibaut.

Drone Views Of Giza Present the Pyramid in an Unusual Perspective.

The Hand Me Down album by Kate Rusby is LOVELY! I’ve been listening to it all week. :-)

Dystopian kintsugi. :-D

“A lot of people don’t seem to be able to sort out the difference between pride and hate. Or that they think that they have to hate in order to be proud.” Michael Rosen


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