Friday Links: Lamp, Quilt, Church

Yesterday I spotted these poppies on our morning walk. So happy to see that there are still pops of cheerful red here and there. :-) It won’t last for much longer. Soon the red/orange will start to show on the trees. Autumn is coming. It kinda feels like we haven’t had a proper summer this year. The odd heat spell, sure, but it feels like mostly it has been cloudy and quite rainy. Maybe it’s just me…

I hope you (and I!) have a nice sunny weekend. :-) x Carina

Back from the brink.

Trinity Church in Antarctica.

193 United Nations Member States – Map Quiz Game.

Ornate Murals Cloak Blank Facades in Traditional Lace Patterns.

How To Make a Quilt Using Kids’ Artwork.

Surprise is an enabler of seeing.

How art helps me cope.

Danske måleenheder.

Dimensions | Database of Dimensioned Drawings.

A Compostable Lamp Made from 3D-Printed Orange Peels.


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