More Sketching

A few more pages from my sketchbook, made while participating in the Sketchbook Design course.

That first one is of our conservatory while they were working on the roof. You can’t really tell from the sketch but there was actually no roof panels on the conservatory. For a few days! We did get a bit of rain but nothing torrential, thank goodness! Oh and we have had rain since the roof was finished and the new roof is so quiet. Before, when it rained, it would have been so noise I could barely stand to be in the studio which is right next to the conservatory. Yesterday I was in the studio and it started raining and I barely even noticed it! :-D

When Tony and I visited New York three years ago, I wanted to do a bunch of sketching but I didn’t do nearly as much as I had hoped. Too busy sightseeing and in the evenings I was just too tired. This is the sort of thing I wanted to do but I just…didn’t know how yet. I’m hoping I can keep the momentum going and have drawing as an almost daily thing so that it’s just something I do, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. So that I know I can do something, even if I’m tired or don’t have a lot of time.

This pay phone box is around the corner from our house. A little while ago, I noticed a note on the phone saying that the phone company is thinking about removing the phone box. I guess people don’t use them much anymore since everyone has a mobile phone…

So I thought I’d capture it in my sketchbook before it’s gone. It’s a relic of days gone by.

It’s funny, I was thinking about how I would say pay phone in Danish and the word I would use is ‘mønttelefon’ which means coin phone. This one does happen to take coins but I think a lot of pay phones (only) take cards these days? I wouldn’t know, I haven’t used a pay phone in decades… :-D

Blake and Blake. :-D

I have a different sketchbook which is solely devoted to sketching Blake. Usually when he’s sleeping because it’s not easy to sketch a dog who is on the move! :-D


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