View to The Sky

Sketch I made a couple of weeks ago, looking into our conservatory. We were getting ready to have the conservatory roof replaced. I like the detail of Blake sleeping on his mat. He likes being in the sun. :-)

Here’s the empty conservatory before the work started. We have wanted to change the roof for ages. Really we would have liked to have new windows put in so it’s not so cold/hot but that was just waaay too expensive. And we would probably have put up with the ugly roof for longer it weren’t for two leaks that we just couldn’t put up with anymore.

So the roof had to go.

It was pretty stressful week and a half. If you’re an introvert like me you can probably imagine how draining it is to have strangers in the house for 8-9 hours every day for over a week. Not that I spent a lot of time chatting with them but just knowing that there were people there was really distracting. Blake couldn’t relax properly either, so he’s still recuperating from his lack of proper day time snoozes.

The last couple of weeks haven’t felt very productive. Too distracted during the day, and too tired in the evening. I did manage to do a bit of drawing and a little bit of stitching. Oh well…

And the builders noticed that the bathroom waste pipe was leaking so all of a sudden we had to scramble to find a plumber who could come and get that sorted before the roof went on. That plus some extra costs for the roof itself meant that the project became £3K more expensive. Good grief!

I don’t think I am cut out for doing a Grand Design. How do people deal with all that stress and delays and extra costs etc?! :-o

Look at that roof! So happy to be rid of those awful brown beams and the grubby looking roof panels. We can see the sky now! It feels so much lighter and brighter. Hopefully the insulated glass will make the conservatory feel less cold in winter and not so boiling hot in summer. The not so visible benefit is of course that we don’t have any leaks! (Well, we hope so anyway, let’s see what happens when it rains.) Although that is visible in that we no longer need to have a bucket under the door frame between the conservatory and my studio when it rains. :-D

We spent Saturday cleaning the conservatory and putting things back. And relaxing some more. Today it’s back to work! Now if we had some chairs in the conservatory, I could sit out there and do some pattern sketching!


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