Friday Links: Cupcake, Shuttle, God

I have drawn the patterns for the November mandalas stitchalong and now I am at one of my favourite bits: picking the colours! :-) More about the stitchalong next week. But I hope it’s ok to say this: I’m really happy with the patterns for stitchalong! :-D

I hope you have a lovely weekend! x Carina

Michael Stipe on a New Velvet Underground Tribute Album and Other Projects.

Wanderling knitting pattern. (Please note: this is a link to Ravelry.) Also available on LoveCrafts. I’d make this top if I were better at knitting!

Hokusai’s Original Drawings.

Orbital Planes. Photography Book by Roland Miller Documents the Final Years of NASA’s Shuttle Program.

Want to Boost Your Happiness? Learn Something New.

A Song Exploder podcast episode about John Lennon’s God.

A Haptic and Hue podcast episode about North Country whole cloth quilts.

If you ever need to add some Lorem Ipsum text but want something a little different, try Cupcake Ipsum. :-)


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