Friday Links: Paris, Lasagne, Murals

I’ve been copying photos and other files from an old external hard drive. It is VERY boring. But also fun to go down memory lane. Pictures from 2012! 2005! 2004! I came across pictures of this jacket I embellished with embroidery, in 2014! It doesn’t seem like that long ago! I really want to add embroidery to more items of clothing but it’s kind of time consuming…maybe one day. :-)

I hope you have a lovely weekend! x Carina

You want to stitch some mandalas in November, don’t you? :-)

‘Medicinal Flowers of Lebanon’ by Faith XLVII Sprout from the Damaged Streets of Beirut.

Calming Scalloped Pattern – iHanna.

How to Use a Kindle Without an Amazon Account.

Vegan Stovetop Meat Lasagna.

Cafe Society in Paris 1920s.

Prismatic Murals Evocative of Andean Textiles Run Through Lima’s Hills.

Margrete – Queen of The North. Margrete: Queen of the North. I really want to see this film about the first Danish ruling queen. Who united Denmark, Sweden and Norway, nbd. :-)


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