Starry Cuffs

This is, or rather was, the cuffs on one of my winter coats. Worn and frayed. The sleeves on coats and jackets are usually too long, resulting in me twiddling the edges and so they get worn out much quicker than the rest. Well, it’s not a good look and something had to be done! The rest of the coat was fine so I decided to do something about the length as well as sorting out the frayed edges.

I measured how long I would like the sleeve. I think it was about an inch and a half too long! Then I sewed a zigzag stitch all the way around to keep everything in place. And then I cut off the edge. Yes, I was a bit scared that I might have made it a bit too short. :-D

I cut a strip of this blue fabric with star constellations and attached it with a double fold just like you would do with a quilt binding. On the right side I used a wavy decorative stitch to help reinforce the stitching. And it looks pretty! :-)

Gone are the frayed edges, the sleeve length fits perfectly now and I’m loving the starry edge so much I’m considering adding it to the hem of the coat as well! :-D

Mending things is so satisfying. It didn’t take very long and now I can get some more winters out of the coat. :-)


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