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Something a bit different today! In the past couple of years, some of the big chocolate companies have started coming out with vegan chocolate bars, either outright ‘copies’ of their dairy versions or slightly different ones. I like chocolate so obviously I have been trying some of them! :-)

So I thought I’d just share my thoughts on a few, that I just happen to have to hand. :-D

First up is the Topic chocolate bar (Mars). I think it used to be a different (dairy) bar with caramel or something in it but I’d never come across that one. I really like the vegan Topic, nice chocolate and with bits of hazelnuts.

The vegan KitKat! Although it was only available for a little while this summer? I’ve not seen it anywhere since and I’m keeping my last one for a special treat. :-D It’s not exactly like the non-vegan version, the chocolate is a bit darker. Which I really like, I always thought that KitKat was just a bit too sweet but the darker chocolate takes the edge of the sweetness.

Aldi do a very nice chocolate bar, I really like it. There is a dark chocolate one as well, but I prefer the ‘milk’ chocolate one.

It was big news that Cadbury was working on a plant based bar, and it finally dropped at the start of November. I haven’t tried the salted caramel one yet, but the Plant Bar is a bit underwhelming. There are far better vegan chocolates out there, but when it comes to taste and texture. The Aldi one is better and the ones from Nomo are a lot nicer.

The MilkyWay bar is just chocolate, there is no filling like in the non-vegan bar. Which is weird? Why is it just the chocolate? It’s not the same thing then? Anyway, I won’t be buying that one again. It’s kinda boring, like the chocolate in the advent calendars I remember as a child. And it leaves a weird coating on the tongue. Ugh.

The bars from the big brands are pretty pricy, and to me they’re not worth it. I’d rather have the Aldi bar. Or the Nomo bars, which are very nice. They’re approximately the same price as the Cadbury bars but so much tastier.

Have you tried any of these? What did you think?


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