Studio 2013 vs 2021

The other day Google Photos reminded me what this corner of my studio used to look like in 2013.

So. Much. Dark. Wood. Ugh.

I do kinda miss the wallpaper patchwork but the pieces kept falling off the wall, so it was kind of a nuisance too. :-D

This is what the same corner looks like now. Yes, it looks a bit messy with the boiler and the pipes, but I’d rather look at that than All. That. Dark. Wood.

It is so much brighter now. We had the window and doors replaced in 2015 and getting rid of the fake lead made the room a lot brighter. And of course the white frames helped too!

And the best ‘feature’ of the studio these days is of course that Blake comes and hangs out with me! :-D


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