New Mandala Patterns

Happy new year! I am geekily excited that 2022 written with Roman numerals is MMXXII and I’m considering writing it like that all year! :-D

I am also excited that the patterns from the November Mandala Stitchalong are now available individually. I loved stitching these patterns, so much in fact that I’m considering stitching a couple of them again! If I have time. Other patterns are calling me, so we’ll see…

Anyway, here they are!

Clockwise from top left: Paisley StarsColour BurstSnow StarsRoses And Stars

They are also available in a set of all four.

The patterns are beginner friendly, you don’t need to know a bunch of fancy stitches. Most of it is done using back stitch. I am a big fan of back stitch! :-)

This is one of the patterns I am tempted to stitch again. For a couple of reasons. The simplicity of one straight line = one straight stitch. And because some of the stitches are long-ish, they don’t sit right on the fabric and that gives a sort of 3D feel to the embroidery. I think I need to explore more designs with straight lines like this one. It works up really quickly too! :-)


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