Friday Links: Boredom, Embroidery, Mosaics

We walked past these trees with their beautiful blossoms the other day. They had a wonderful scent. In the late afternoon sunshine it felt like spring is already here (ignoring the cold wind!) I can’t wait for warmer days. It doesn’t have to be hot, just pleasantly warm. :-)

I hope you have a lovely weekend. x Carina

Peace in Ukraine Embroidery Pattern.

Gnocchi med peberfrugtsauce (gnocchi with red capsicum sauce). Looks delicious. Google can probably help you with a translation! :-)

Tiled Mosaics by Ememem Repair Gouged Pavement and Fractured Sidewalks.

London’s largest Roman mosaic find for 50 years uncovered.

The Peasant Blouse – The Romanian Blouse.

The role of Arabic tatreez embroidery.

Write plain text files.

Exploring the Gifts of Boredom with Artist Kyle Steed on the Lisa Congdon Sessions podcast.

Maria Prymachenko’s Colorful Folk Art Speaks to Life in Ukraine.

Rushnyky Ceremonial Cloths and Towels.

Spiced Chickpea Rice Casserole.


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