Project Pouches

For pretty much all the time I have been embroidering, my storage system for works in progress has been a zip-loc type plastic bag. Which isn’t exactly the best system, and definitely not environmentally friendly (despite re-using the bags and saving the ones I receive if something I order is packaged in a bag like that). Eventually the bags just wear out. Or get slashed to bits because I also keep my scissors in the wip bags.

It wasn’t a great system, but it was the best I could think of. And it did kinda work, I guess…

I have been contemplating making some fabric bags, but unless I made some with a window of some kind, it would make it awkward to know what was in each bag (I have more than one wip on the go at any one time!) and making a bag with a window just seemed like more work than I wanted to put into it! So I carried on with the sorta-kinda working bag system.

But then I came across these translucent pouches the other day. And they seemed like the perfect solution. They are translucent so I can see what’s in each pouch and they seem quite sturdy. So although they are made from vinyl, they should last a long time (unlike zip-loc bags!)

If you’ve been wanting similar (maybe without knowing it?) pop ‘vinyl pouch’ or ‘vinyl zip pouch’ into your search engine of choice and you should get plenty of results. :-)


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