Friday Links: Italy, Whale, Railway Journey

Yesterday we went to see a stand-up comedy gig. The first time we’ve been out anywhere like that in over two years. It was kinda weird. Being with that many people in a smallish space. When we got back home my brain was just buzzing with it all. Like “WTF just happened?” Exploding brain emoji! :-)

I wish that more people had worn masks (I didn’t spot a lot who did). We enjoyed the gig and we’ll definitely go see Nish Kumar again. Go see him if you like shouty left wing NSFW humour. :-)

I hope you have a good weekend! x

Scotland’s most picturesque railway journey.

The world’s oldest pants are a 3,000-year-old engineering marvel. (Trousers if you speak British English. The link does not take you to a pair of 3,000 year old underpants!)

Immaculate Heart College Art Department Rules.

Cutting the Sacred Tree.

Crafting a Kinetic Humpback Whale That Swims with a Hand-Crank.

If you understand Italian (or maybe you are learning) and want to know more about the history of Italy, I can recommend the Storia d’Italia podcast.

The 9 Biggest Myths About Nonfiction Trade Publishing, Debunked.


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