Friday Links: Forth Bridge, Jupiter, Quilt Block Pattern

There are so many acorns on the oak trees nearby. It looks like it is a mast year. Despite the very warm summer and the trees haven’t had enough rain. But I suppose the acorns where already building before the summer started. I look forward to the crunching of acorns under foot this autumn. It is one of my favourite sounds. :-)

I hope you have an excellent weekend. x Carina

The Forth Bridge – Building an Icon.

Imagined Inky Murmurations.

‘Shiny Bauble’ quilt block pattern by Janet Clare. With an interesting way to foundation piece, definitely going to try that at some point!

Jeera Aloo – Cumin Spiced Potatoes.

Heron Pond. Oh to be able to paint water like that… And like this: The Perfect Friday.

Thatcher’s three great lies.

Stitch Tutorial: Whipped Wheel Stitch.

James Webb Telescope Captures Jupiter’s Rings and Brilliant Aurora.


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