The Wheel of The Year Keeps Turning…

In about three weeks it is time for the next festival in the Wheel of The Year. I thought I’d share how it is looking so far. The fritillaries in the Beltane motif is still one of my favourites. I love the texture of the flowers. :-)

Looking at all the motifs so far it is interesting to see how the style has changed. The first one, mid winter (at the top), is almost completely symmetrical. It is also more minimal than the others, especially the last three. And in the later motifs there is a lot more ‘3D effects’. Maybe I should have added some 3D elements to the first one as well… But I think they still work together. I’m not looking at them and thinking ‘oh that looks like it is from a different project!’ :-D

I’m looking forward to stitching the next one. Already transferred to my fabric and ready to go!

It’s not too late to join in the Wheel of The Year stitchalong if you fancy a bit of seasonal stitching! :-)


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