Sock Darning Season

A pair of brown socks with a pink flower pattern and mustard coloured heels and toes. Surrounded by skein of pink thread, a small pair of scissors and a wooden darning mushroom.

We are well into sock darning season. If you darn socks I’m sure you know what I mean! :-)

Colder weather means wearing more socks and they start to wear. Mine especially have a tendency to wear at that corner point of the heel. Not sure why..? Luckily, it’s a quick job to fix. Atleast if I notice it early when the hole hasn’t become too large.

Close view of a pair of dark green socks with large darns on the bottom in matching green colours.

Here’s a pair of Tony’s socks. For some reason his socks get worn almost threadbare on the bottom, both under the toes and the heel. Funny how we wear out our socks differently…

A pair of dark green socks with large darns on the bottom of both heels and toes in matching green colours.


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