Friday Links: London, Book Gift Guide, Focaccia

A block of flats stands in front of a snow covered field. In front of  the flats are rows of garages with snow covered roofs. In the back ground the sky is an orange ombre colour from the rising sun.

The view from our house hasn’t changed much this week. Although we’ve not had more snow since Sunday night, it is still there because it has been very cold. Down to -8°C overnight and barely above 0°C during the day. When I walked Blake this morning the world was all a-glitter in the dawn light. Beautiful.

As much as I enjoy the snow, I’ll be glad when the temperature goes up next week. But I’ll enjoy the snow view this weekend. :-)

I hope you have a lovely weekend. x Carina

To the Winter Solstice. Beautiful writing.

Golden Hour album by Kacey Musgraves

Streets of zine.

Layers of London.

I kinda want these confetti lights. :-)

Literature Clock.

This pomegranate side plate is very pretty. But we don’t need any side plates. But it is pretty. :-)

Floral Embroidery of Northeastern Podillia, Ukraine.

The art of imperfection.

A big book gift guide!

The Munker illusion. {via}

This focaccia barese looks really delicious. (Recipe in Italian but Google will translate it for you.)

In the recipe above they use a potato ricer. I’d never heard of those before but I’m kinda tempted to get one. I think it could be useful in my kitchen. Do you own one? Is it worth it?


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